Our Guarantee

We guarantee our craftsmanship against all manufacturing defects for one year from receipt of your purchase. If a fault is found within this timeframe we will correct the defect or make a new piece at no cost to you. Beyond this time any damage to your piece is unlikely to be the result of a manufacturing defect.

We guarantee our craftsmanship against the loss of gemstones for six months from receipt of your purchase.

Our warranty does not cover the following:

  • General wear and tear
  • Accidental damage, for example but not limited to, stone breakages and/or stone loss after six months, catching a ring against something, dropping on a hard surface, wearing down of the metal if worn next to a ring of harder metal
  • Loss by the customer or a third party
  • Any work post sale that has been carried out by another jeweler e.g. resizing, re-setting or changing of stones, engraving will negate our warranty. We only guarantee our own workmanship and not that of other jewellers
  • Tarnishing is not a manufacturing fault but the result of a process called oxidization occurring when the metal is in contact with chemicals such as soaps, shower gels, hand/body lotions, chlorine from swimming pools and household cleaning agents

We include a Warranty, Certificate of Authenticity & Jewellery Care Guide Card with every order

If you find a fault at any time, please contact us in the first instance so that we can help you.