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The information below relates mainly to the items that we sell. If you are looking to have a piece of jewellery that you own engraved please fill out our enquiry form.

Make that special gift that little bit extra special with our personalised Engraving service. Engraving is available on most rings that we sell.  We are also able to engave items of jewellery that you own. Please complete the form to check if this is something we can do.

What items can I have engraved?

Currently, we can only engrave rings. This applies to most rings. If a ring can be engraved there will be an option for you to select on the product page. Our snake rings and Full Eternity Rings cannot be engraved.

How much does engraving cost?

Engraving on the inside of the shank costs £19.95 ($24.53 USD, €22.51 Euros, $36.42 AUD). Some rings can be engraved on the shoulders of the ring or on the outside of the ring. If you are interested in having a ring engraved on the outside of the shank or on the shoulders or have a piece of jewellery that you own then please fill out the enquiry form stating what you would like engraved and also the Design Number of the ring (if it is one of ours) and we will email you a no obligation quotation.

How long does engraving take?

Generally, for our own rings engraving on the inside of the shank can be done the same day, however, on some occasions engraving can take a little longer and will usually be ready within 1 to 3 working days so please allow a little extra time if you choose engraving. If you are trying to meet a deadline then please do let us know and we will do all we can. For engraving on the outside of the ring and on the shoulders or for pieces that you own then this will take between 7-10 working days.

What wording can I have engraved?

Anything that appears on a keyboard is possible. If you would like special characters or letters in different languages engraved then please fill out our enquiry form. Most people choose either a date such as 01-04-22 or wording such as “I love you” or “Happy Anniversary”. Whatever you choose please ensure there are no spelling mistakes. If you notice a spelling mistake please notify us immediately and we will do all we can to change but there maybe times when it is too late if the engraving has already been done.

How long can the engraving be?

This very much depends on the finger size you need and the positioning of the hallmarks. For UK sizes H to M 1/2 you can choose 8 characters. For sizes N to Q 1/2 you can choose 22 characters and for sizes R to Z+3 you can choose up to 30 characters. This includes any spaces between words. If you are more familiar with a different sizing system such as US sizing scale, European (France/German) sizing scale or Italian/Spanish/Swiss/Japanese sizing scale then you will be prompted to enter a maximum number of characters depending on the size you have selected.

Can I return an item that I have had engraved?

Unfortunately, personalised items which includes engraved rings cannot be returned as they will be unable to be sold to anybody else. In the unlikely event we have made a mistake then you can return for a replacement. We are not, however, responsible for any spelling or grammatical mistakes made by you. Please check before placing your order.

How do I order engraving online?

First select the drop down menu so “Engraving” is selected, then select the finger size country that relates to your known finger size. You will then be presented with a drop down menu of a range of three sizes so for example if you know you are a size P 1/2 select the size range “N to Q 1/2” This will ensure your engraving wording will fit your ring as different finger sizes will have a different number of characters allowed. Finally type out the wording or numbers you would like engraved being sure that you only use those present on a keyboard. As long as you have selected the correct finger size range you won’t be able to type out more than what will fit. Now you need to select the exact finger size you would like your ring to be. To do this select your country and you will then be presented in a dropdown menu a list of sizes you can select. Select the one that you would like and then click Add to Basket. That’s it! View our engraving help page here