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Owner, Designer, Creator

I began my jewellery apprenticeship when I was 14 years of age. I still sit at my bench, designing & creating jewelry for pleasure. I feel proud that my designs have withstood the test of time and have a huge appeal across the globe!


Senior Craftsman

From a very young age I have worked with my hands, from dismantling cars and motorbikes to rebuilding and restoring them. This skill translates to our jewellery. I pride myself in recreating my Father’s designs as well as creating new and unique designs for our customers.


Sales And Marketing, Photographer

I joined my Father and elder Brother after completing my Business Studies & French Degree. I thrive in sourcing the best prices in materials, supporting our product photography as well as using my multi-lingual talents to help support our European customers.


Stone Sourcing, Accounts

I have the privilege of sourcing the wonderful gemstones we set in our designs. I liaise directly with the stone cutters and negotiate the best prices so that we can price our designs competitively giving the best value for money without comrpomise to the quality of the piece.


Creative Design & Marketing

My passion lies in helping our customers visualise and realise their desired piece of jewellery, by taking an idea & making it a reality. The piece may be for celebratory reasons, to mark an important milestone, or in memory of a lost loved one, but whatever the reason we make our jewellery with much heart and soul!